How we grow up

Our History


he President’s College came into being on the 4th of February 1978. The inauguration of this school was the first official act carried out by His Excellency the President J. R. Jayewardene after assuming duties as the first Executive President of Sri Lanka. The initial location for this school was at Torrington Place. President’s College was shifted from Torrington Place to the present premises at Sri Jayewardenepura on 21st June 1983. In the year 1993 the school became a National School.

The first sports meet was held under the distinguished patronage of Madam Hema Premadasa on the 5th of June 1980 subsequently, a concert displaying the multi-faceted talents of these tiny tots was staged at the John de Silva Theatre on the 5th of November 1980

Our Adminsitration


The current principal of the school is Mr. Prasad Weerasiri. He succeeded Mr. W.A.S.P. Wijesinghe and assumed duties as the fifth Principal of the school.

Senior Administration

The Vice-Principals of the school and the heads each section and the other senior staff members consist of the Senior Administration panel of the school.

Vice-Principals and Heads of Sections

  • Mr. SarathSiriwardena (Vice-Principal)
  • Mrs. VijithaRathnasili (Vice-Principal)
  • Mr. P.J. Premadasa (Vice-Principal)
  • Mr. D.M. Sugathapala (Vice-Principal)
  • Mr. P Abeynayake (Head of the A/L Science Section)
  • Mr. Dayarathne (Head of the A/L Commerce Section)
  • Mr. JayalaPerera (Head of Grade 11)
  • Mr. ShiraniPerera (Head of Grade 10)
  • Mrs. WanithaPerera (Head of Grade 9)
  • Mrs. SagarikaPriyarathne (Head of Grade 8)
  • Mr. AnuraAlwis (Head of Grade 7)
  • Mrs. BadraPathirana (Head of Grade 6)
  • Mr. IndikaPushpakumara (Head of the Primary Section)

Tutorial Staff

Primary School
Mr. Indika Pushpakumara is the head of Primary section and there are approximately 35 teachers who are engaged in teaching for grade 1 to grade 5 students. These teachers have been given special training to deal with young students. The teachers are very closely associated with the primary students. The primary students feel their teacher as their mother during the school hours.

Middle & Upper School
There are approximately 60 teachers who are engaged in teaching for grade 6 to grade 11 students. A teacher in-charge has been appointed to overlook each of the grades.

Advanced Level
There are two Advanced Level sections in the school namely the Science Section and the Commence Section. The Science Section is headed by Mr. P Abeynayake and it includes the teachers who are teaching for students in Mathematics and Biology classes, currently there are more than 10 teachers in this section. The Commerce Section is headed by Mr. Dayarathne and it includes the teachers who are teaching for students in Commerce and Arts classes, currently there over 15 teachers in this section.

Non Academic Staff

The staff members who are undertaking office assistant activities, school property maintenance activities, etc… belong to this section
There are approximately 35 staff members working at the school for non academic purposes.

Prefects / Stewards

The school prefects’ guilds consist of 3 levels of prefects. The overall in-charge teachers of the school Prefects’ Guild are Mrs. NandilathaJayasinghe and Ven. SudhammaThero the Junior Perfects are guided by Mrs. W. Somalatha.
The Upper most level is the called Prefects and those who are classified as Prefects are from Advanced Level classes. The Head Board of Prefects has 9 members. The Current Head Prefect SameeraKodituwakku and 6 Deputy Head Prefects NelukaLiyanage, KasunWickramasinghe, KiranaSamarawickrama, SupunChanduPerera, Ashosh Fernando, and LashithaRanasinghe are in the head board of Prefects. The other two members represent the sports activities, the Games Caption is PriyanPerera and the Deputy Games caption is DidulaSupunSanjaya. There are altogether 41 prefects in the Prefect level other than the members from the Head Board.
The next level is the Stewards, a set of elected students from the grade 11 are classified for the stewardship. Currently there are 35 Stewards in active duty.
In the primary section there are 25 students from grade 5 are appointed as Junior Prefects dedicated only for the primary section.

School Development Society

The School Development Society (SDS) is chaired by the Principal of the school. The other members of the SDS are a selected among the parents of the current students.
The secretary to the SDS is Mr. Hemasiri Dias, SDS carries out day to day activities of improving the infrastructure of the school.


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